WHISKEY STONES - Market Glad ™


Sometimes we want to sip our finest fiery whiskey just a little chilled, but without sacrificing strength to melty and diluting ice cubes. Fear not – beverage perfection is just a stone’s throw away with W&P’s Whiskey Stones!

Water-cut out of whole soapstone imported from Finland, these cubes can chill just about any beverage, from fizzy soft drink to freshly mixed cocktail.

They also just look really cool, thanks to the aesthetically minded duo behind W&P Designs. But fair warning: These are not meant to be shaken inside their you know what they say about glass houses). Just make your cold drinks as usual and strain out the ice before pouring over the stones.


Chill these cubes in the freezer at least four hours before use. Three should work wonders on your pour, so share a tipple with a friend, or use the others in a second round for yourself.


6 soapstone cubes. Hand wash with soap and water.